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The E-book Debate

Here is an interesting article for the advantages of the e-book.


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Is Twitter a Social Network?

Here is another interesting article about Twitter; it comes as a response to the other article¬†notAmoment2spare has published yesterday, titled ‘Twitter as a business model’. Robin Wauters argues here that Twitter is a social network, stating that this is not only for the distribution and re-distribution of information; it also serves as a platform of connecting, communicating and sharing information with friends. But how a real ‘social network’ can be defined and how this differentiates Twitter from Facebook? There is a debate here, as for most of the people the division is obvious, as they mostly use Facebook for social networking – in terms of getting in touch with other people – and Twitter for getting and distributing information and knowledge (is this really involved in the social networking terminology?). Future will show!


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Twitter as a business model

Here is an interesting article about Twitter – interview with Jack Dorsey. Interesting part is the balance between Twitter’s role as a destination for information or as a mechanism for distribution of content.


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