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The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video

In the heat of the recession in May 2009, brothers Mike and Dave and their partner, Fabian started Holstee. More than a company, or clothes, the trio wanted to create a lifestyle. Starting in the summer of 2009 they dove head first into the world of design and production. After six months and a huge learning curve, Holstee launched it’s first line of Recycled Tees made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that were milled, cut and sewn within 150 miles of each other in North Carolina. Starting with this first round, 10% of all sales were lent to entrepreneurs in extreme poverty through non-profit micro-lending organizations like Kiva.org – a tradition they are proud to still embrace.

A few months later, Mike needed a new wallet and wasn’t finding the sort of functional and minimal design he was looking for so they decided to create their own. A few quick mock-ups and the idea of a Holstee Wallet came to life. Teaming up with an NGO in India that had perfected a method of using plastic bags collected off the streets of Delhi to create a unique 100% upcycled textile, they had prototypes in their hands a few weeks later of their new dream wallet. They made just enough for themselves and a few friends, each of whom instantly loved them. From there they decided to make a few more and sell them on Holstee.com along with their tees. Now the wallet is now one of our best selling products.

In the summer of 2010, Holstee launched a new area of their site, Curated x Holstee, following the mantra “Curating with a Conscience.” This is where the Holstee team seeks out some of the most beautiful and innovative sustainable designs and shares them with their community through their video reviews, newsletter, and shop.