notAmoment2spare is what its name says. Well, it is true that every blog argues that it is different from the other ones.

notAmoment2spare maybe is not something different, but it will keep the essense of its name until the end. Life is counted in moments, and all these moments that keep us active will be shared here. Knowledge, music, images, information, social media, feelings, politics, education, culture, colours, every moment that can shape our life. Moments are valuable; don’t spare them around then and share them with us!

notAmoment2spare is not a blog of hundreds of everyday posts and meaningless continuous blogging, just because each of the posts here has its own meaning, importance and essence and it can add something extra to our day, giving us some moments that we can’t spare. Enjoy!

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things…’ 


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